Friday, January 11, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Trigg County is considering a public pool! They had a meeting; there were folding chairs; people spoke at podiums; committees were construed, and the local radio station, WKDZ, was there to bring the noise. U! S! A! And the people, YES!

Real legislature gave public viewing to its school-safety bill, and mental health appears to be the politically viable rallying point around which at least some progress could be made. WPSD's Chris Yu has a good analysis of Senate Bill 1 and includes links to its summary and full text.

The governor, legislative leaders and 1,500 businessfolk from around the state got together in Lexington for the 24th-annual Kentucky Chamber Day Dinner, and it sounds like a pretty jovial time. "Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson kicked off the event by highlighting infrastructure funding, legal liability reform, bail reform, sports wagering, fixing the state’s arbitration statute, tribunal reform, and tobacco-free schools as top priorities of the business community in 2019," Jacqueline Pitts wrote for the state chamber's blog.

An Etown educational-tools supplier is downsizing and moving to a new location, and Trey Crumbie of The News-Enterprise has what appears to be the not-sad story.

Community bike ride tomorrow and every Saturday, in Princeton! U! S! A!

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