Friday, December 21, 2018

Top Albums of 2018

I reviewed around 30 albums this year. Of those 4 of them got better than 2 stars.

Ruins by First Aid Kit
. . .  I complained about the sound being too heavy. They have solved that problem on this album and I found it to be a good mix of Americana music with a Swedish twist. Take a song like "It's a Shame" it has the feel of a song that Abba would do, but it has a rootsy rock backing to it rather than disco.  

Thank You For Today
. . . This is all to say that Death Cab for Cutie have released this album while in their early 40's and so at a time when they are being reflective and that is what this album perfectly captures. Not only in lyric but in music as well. There is a lot here reflecting from sounds of their youth bands like New Order, The Cure, The Smiths, etc.

Honey by Robyn
. . . Much of this album is about relationships gone bad. From lost loves, to someone begging for forgiveness, to someone swearing off a negative relationship. What I like about this album is that she has toned down the beats quite a bit and so the album has a more mature feel to it. Not necessarily the songs you'd hear at the club, but an album you would put on after getting home from the club or dinner on a bad night.

No Rain, No Flowers by Sabrina Claudio
. . . I have not put a ton of thought into this and maybe I'm missing some stuff here and there but it works well and I admire her for how she constructed this album and pulled it off with smart lyrics.

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  1. I ended up listening to First Aid Kit a goodly amount this year, so thank you for introducing me to them through your review of that album.