Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Thirty Fifth Podcast

The thirty fifth podcast is up. Thanks to freemidi.org for the audio files. Eric and Matthew talk about the Dolphins.

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  1. We should have talked about the Chiefs trading up to get Mahomes. That is another way to get a quarterback.

  2. Not sure how I feel about this but I will tell you this is the argument about first round QBs versus say 3rd round QBs that you will hear from numbers people.

    A first round QB has shown the physical talent that gives them a very high ceiling. The third round QB has not. That is the basic argument. Obviously this isn't always true, look at Tom Brady. And of course no matter who the QB is they need to be coached up to reach that ceiling, look at Goff.

  3. Right, my feeling is just do your best to identify the guy you want, but don't be convinced that he has to be a really high selection, and then, whatever, just be prepared to coach the dickens out of him.

    I think it has turned out that the Dolphins' selection of Ryan Tannehill in NFL12 was a pretty good one. I mean, I would rather have Andrew Luck, but he was already gone. Maybe I'd've rather had Nick Foles or Kirk Cousins today, but I'm not so sure. There's no other quarterback in that draft I would've rather had, and there's no other player drafted ahead of Tannehill (again, excluding Luck) who I would've preferred had fallen to Miami with its choice. So to the extent that the Tannehill era has been disappointing, my disappointment lies not with Tannehill but with the inconsistency in roster handling around him and coaching. Pick your quarterback, and you may or may not get that right--but, by all means, do the other stuff right around him.

  4. I think Russell Wilson is better. I actually think Tannehill has been coached up pretty well, but you have to also know as a team when to move on.

  5. Oh, definitely on Russell Wilson. I overlooked his name in the draft list.

    And agree on moving on. I'm inclined to think after this season is the time, given Tannehill's recent injury spate. But I would also appeal to him to think about restructuring and staying on as a backup and longtime role with the organization if there's no market for him to compete as a starter elsewhere.

  6. Can't place the opening MIDI. Hmmm ...?

  7. Permanent Dolphins head coaches by winning percentage:

    1. Don Shula, 1970-95, .659, best season 14-0, worst 6-10
    2. Dave Wannstedt, 2000-04, .575, best season 11-5, worst 1-8 (part of a 4-12)
    3. Jimmy Johnson, 1996-99, .563, best season 10-6, worst 9-7
    4. Adam Gase, 2016-present, .500, best season 10-6, worst 6-10
    5. Tony Sparano, 2008-11, .475, best season 11-5, worst 4-9 (part of a 6-10)
    6. Nick Saban, 2005-06, .469, best season 9-7, worst 6-10
    7. Joe Philbin, 2012-15, .462, best season 8-8, worst 1-3 (part of a 6-10)
    8. George Wilson, 1966-69, .278, best season 5-8-1, worst 3-11
    9. Cam Cameron, 2007, .063, 1-15, only season

  8. From: Eric
    To: Rob
    Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 1:46 PM
    Subject: Re: nfl

    i'm monitoring espn radio all day for breaking Brees news.

  9. From: Eric
    To: Rob
    Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 3:27 PM
    Subject: Re: nfl

    i'm switching to sports talk radio from miami, wqam, to monitor the Brees situation. i'm aflutter with anticipation.

  10. From: Matthew
    To: Rob ; Eric ; Go Heath
    Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 6:42 PM
    Subject: Re: Culpepper and Brees

    I've always been a big Culpepper fan so I'm excited about this.

    Rob wrote:
    This could be very good for Miami. Best QB they've had by far since Marino. I think Culpepper's very good. And great receivers seem to make him perform even better. So if Miami can get some good WRs, they're going to the playoffs next year. I think the only problem right now is, Miami has a bunch of Nate Burlesons (spelling)? But they've got a good RB and a very good defense.

    Here are Culpepper's stats from his last full season -- 2004; keep in mind he had Moss to throw to:

    16 games
    379 of 548 (69.2%) for 4717 yds.
    39 TDs, 11 INTs.
    110.9 rating
    406 rushing yds, 4.6 per carry, 2 TDs

    Eric wrote:
    Miami trades for Daunte Culpepper, and New Orleans signs Drew Brees. I'm initially disappointed that the Dolphins didn't get Brees, but I suspect I'll have become a huge Culpepper fan within the next 24 hours.

  11. From: Eric
    To: Nephew
    Cc: Older brother/nephew's dad
    Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 9:13 AM
    Subject: Re: NCAA Tournament Challenge

    yeah, i was disappointed, but i believe in Nick Saban's judgment. he must've decided that Drew Brees wasn't worth the first-year money that the agent was demanding. Brees was clearly miami's first choice, and it sure seemed like miami was Brees's.

    oh, well, i'm a Daunte Culpepper guy now. he was born in a jail.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Nephew
    To: Eric
    Cc: Older brother/nephew's dad
    Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 6:19 AM
    Subject: RE: NCAA Tournament Challenge

    It’s your own fault you’re gonna get whooped by the Saints this year… “oh when the Saints, come marching in… oh when the Saints come marching in!!!”

  12. ----- Original Message -----
    From: Eric
    To: Matthew
    Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 8:58 AM
    Subject: Re: zach thomas

    he's lost that pitterpatter of speed that he used to have, or at least appeared to last night. he's always failed to lock up on one or two or three tackles a game, so that's nothing new. but he used to be able to close on guys a little better than what he showed last night. maybe i'm overreacting, though. he's definitely still a pretty steady, dependable stuffer in the middle of the field, and, for sure, miami has the defensive tackles again to keep blockers off of him.

    the defensive line is very good, but that secondary is still a work in progress.

    i think Culpepper is going to be excellent, and i think Ronnie Brown is going to be fine. i'm concerned that the new offensive coordinator so quickly forgot about the conventional run, even after it appeared pittsburgh's defense started to wear down. Chris Chambers ... man, he could be great, and he definitely was after Nick Saban called him out last season. i felt like he should've been a little more aggressive on a few balls last night; he missed a touchdown catch on the dolphins' field-goal drive last night. offensive line is going to be ok -- especially with such a creative quarterback behind them. Mare seems to have gotten better in the last three years; the punter is ok. Wes Welker is a consistent touchdown threat.

    realistically, i think miami could develop into an awfully good team. nobody's going to confuse them with a super-bowl favorite right now after seeing them last night. but the dolphins improved so much over the course of last season, and, if Saban can coax a similar level of improvement out of them this year, then they could actually be in the afc mix of three or four contenders by december.

  13. > From: Eric
    > To: Rob ; Go Heath; Matthew; Tim
    > Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 3:04 PM
    > Subject: Re: the nfl doesn't warrant my interest, ...
    > ... and yet, come august, i'll be there watching whatever preseason crap they roll out.
    > sun-sentinel.com/sports/football/pro/dolphins/sfl-flspdolphins18nbjul18,0,
    > 4598267.story
    > By Shandel Richardson
    > South Florida Sun-Sentinel
    > July 18, 2007
    > After four games, 134 pass attempts and $8 million spent,
    > the Dolphins and
    > quarterback Daunte Culpepper have finally ended their
    > 16-month relationship.
    > On Tuesday, the team released a one-sentence statement
    > announcing it had
    > terminated Culpepper's contract and offered no further
    > comment.

  14. Great stuff. It's funny because they apparently didn't do Brees because of injuries but then of course Culpepper it turned out was done because of injuries.

  15. I'm getting very excited about the movie rankings. I'm wondering how many David Lynch movies you'll have in your top 10.

  16. I'm breaking my movies out into the following categories: Comedies, Drama, SciFi, Thriller, Action, Musical, Animated, Western, and Family.

  17. There are no Thrillers, Action, Musical, or Family movies in my top 10.

    This means I am leaving out of my top 10 Silence of the Lambs, Raiders of the Lost Ark, a Chorus Line, and The Muppet Movie.

  18. I'm hashing it out in this way:

    -- This morning, I sat down and came up with a list of 10 favorites off the top of my head.

    -- Next, I'm going to look through my Netflix history, because it seems like every movie we get on Netflix is the greatest movie I've ever seen.

    -- After that, I'm going to look in our cabinet of videotapes and DVDs to see which movies I've actually gone to the trouble and/or expense to purchase or record.

    -- Finally, I might see what year-by-year lists are available on Wikipedia or RottenTomatoes or whatever and glance over those for titles I've forgotten.