Monday, November 19, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Nursing apprenticeship launches in Louisville.

Toward bolstering Kentucky's IP game.

This Emily Adams report in the Times-Tribune about a Chicago sports appraiser's visit to Corbin sounds like the premise of what would've been my favorite Andy Griffith Show ever.

Christmas parades: Owensboro, Nov. 17; Ashland, Nov. 20; Arlington (grandly marshaled by owners of Carlisle County's oldest business), Berea, Bowling Green, Cadiz, Columbia, Lawrenceburg, Madisonville and Paducah, Dec. 1; Dawson Springs, Dec. 2; Richmond, Dec. 7; Hopkinsville, Dec. 8, La Center, Dec. 15.


  1. In that Andy Griffith would it turn out he's a crook, or would he fall in love with the Mayberry charm?

  2. This is an excellent question, and your premise is correct--absolutely it would turn out that he's either a crook (and a bunch of locals lose money), or it would turn out that everybody thinks he's a crook and he's genuinely trying to help people get the most out of their treasures.

    What I would hope for, however, is no drama whatsoever--just him staying over at the local hotel and setting up shop at the diner or wherever, to appraise what people brought in. And almost all of the episode would be spent actually looking at Paavo Nurmi's stopwatch or whatever that Helen was given by a host family when she studied in Finland the spring semester of her junior year at Kansas.