Thursday, October 18, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Good (steel) jobs news from Coalton.

Freeze warnings are creeping into Kentucky forecasts, and the Barren County Detention Center lobby remains available to folks who need a place to stay overnight. The jailer "kept it open all summer, actually. We had some coming and going, and we actually had a woman and some kids stay up there a couple of nights. (Homelessness is) still prevalent. It's still out there and we're doing what we can to help them." I'm always impressed with a good meeting story, and Melinda J. Overstreet has a good one about the Barren County Fiscal Court in the Glasgow Daily Times. My favorite sentence is the last of her story: "The entire meeting, including the time for the roll call, prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, was just shy of 15 minutes."

“The wealthiest Kentuckians benefit the most from our growing economy, and by a widening margin,” Kentucky Center for Economic Policy Senior Policy Analyst Anna Baumann said. “It would be reasonable for them to pay a little more in taxes, according to their ability, for the investments that benefit us all. But instead, we have been cutting their taxes, cutting investments in our schools and community based services, and leaning more heavily on middle- and low-income Kentuckians.”

Re-org at Papa John's.

Recovery at Goodfellas.

A fresh start in Madisonville.

I've never been to one, but I'm always interested in these auctions of stuff confiscated by the state government. It's fun, for example, to imagine myself becoming a jon-boat guy.

Rest in peace, Sen. Huddleston, a Cumberland County native and World War II veteran who moved town to town up and down the dial of Kentucky radio stations before going to Washington and eventually being felled by 1984 "Switch! To! Mitch!" fervor at Fancy Farm and elsewhere.

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  1. I've never been to one of those auctions either or even known someone who went.