Sunday, September 2, 2018

MLB Update



  1. Well, the A's are not going to win the 2018 World Series--they were definitively eliminated by the Yankees in an American League play-in game.

    They demo'ed my idea of pitching all relievers, and Aaron Judge made that look crazy. But it's not a total back-to-the-drawing-board situation as far as I'm concerned. My idea is not just that you throw relievers but that you get rid of all your starters and fill your staff with all actual closers. And to Richard Justice's point that the inning you have to tamp down statistically is Inning 1, then I would've put my absolute best closer out there to open the game.

    But, whatever, I love Billy Beane, and I love the A's, and I was thrilled to discover the @DidOaklandWin Twitter feed this season. MLB18 was a lot of fun. #GreenCollar!

  2. We have four playoff games lined up on TV today, and I've been working to Cleveland at Houston. This is an American League game, and the Astros look pretty darned great to me. As previously reported at the HP, Houston won the whole World Series in MLB17.

  3. OK, now we have moved on to the Colorado Rockies at the Milwaukee Brewers in a ... National! League game on Fox Sports (FS) 1. I don't believe I have ever had a friend I knew to be either a Rockies or Brewers fan.