Friday, August 31, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from HazardHenderson, Lexington, Lexington (wow!) and Shepherdsville (WOW!).

Toward reversing Paducah's decline.

The Madisonville McDonald's restaurants are now locally owned.

CVG-Hebron set a new passenger record in July.

New day for Franklin's Goodnight Memorial Library.

The coal-fired power plant in Owensboro and maybe the one in Henderson are closing.

The Stoner Creek Golf Club fight in Paris is headed to court.

Once more ... about that rehab facility that might open in the old Cox's Creek school ...

And, as for the resident copperheads of Red River Gorge, ...

Christmas parades: Owensboro ("Our Christmas Wish"), Nov. 17; Bowling Green, Dec. 1; Richmond, Dec. 7, and Hopkinsville, Dec. 8.

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  1. The officials in Paris KY can ask the people of Marion KY what happens when you approve things the people in your community didn't want you to approve. Especially when it is done in this way.