Thursday, July 12, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Bad Walmart-jobs news from Louisville, too.

Papa John's is presumably hiring, however.

Friend of Coal®, sure. But friend of coal miners?

"This is not just a problem for Murray and Owensboro. There are not many city pools left anymore. You used to see them in almost every town ..." (I woke up in not a confident-enough mood to accept this John Wright Q&A in the Murray Ledger & Times with the local parks director.)

"A gold mine" of photos from 50 years of Paducah has been preserved. (Thank you, WPSD's Pauline Fitzgerald--I needed that one.)

"'Truly phenomenal' are the words Corbin Middle School Principal Christi Lefevers used to described the new facility that sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students will be learning in this fall." (YEAH! Good for you, Angela Turner, in the Times-Tribune.)

Fourteenth year (and biggest ever) for Jets Over Kentucky, at Lebanon/Springfield Airport.

Crime is reportedly (way) down in Bullitt County.

An incarcerated congregation in Louisville, digging in the dirt--"you can't help but feel good."

Harvesting Hope, among opioid addicts in Berea.

Thank God that the boys and their coach were rescued in Thailand, and now here are some helpful words about cave safety from the Kentucky State Parks.

Rest in peace, Rev. McNeil, the Landers and others buried in Hopkinsville's Union Benevolent Cemetery No. 5.

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  1. City pools are very expensive to operate and no one wants to pay taxes.