Thursday, June 7, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

The Madisonville fire department helped us get our cat out of a tree a few years ago. Once the truck pulled onto our street, River got scared by the sound and leapt probably about 20 feet to the ground and scampered to the backyard. The Bardstown fire department had a more challenging time with Kitten, per Spencer Harsh's reporting in The Kentucky Standard.

I have never been to Red River Gorge, and I have never been to Miguel's Pizza near Slade, and, now when I do get there, it's going to look like I was just jumping on the Food & Wine bandwagon.

No fees at McCreary County's Natural Arch Scenic Area for National Get Outdoors Day, Saturday.

Eighteen bicyclists retracing the northern Trail of Tears route are due in Princeton tomorrow.

Bad Marco Polo news from Lucas.

Good jobs news from Bowling Green.

Hiring aplenty in and around Paducah.

Hoptown's forthcoming Tacos El Papi had me at "homemade tamales."

Hardin County Schools takes its summer-meals program to the streets.

Voter turnout for last month's primaries reportedly was highest in Grayson (33.2 percent) and lowest in Kenton (10.0 percent), among Kentucky's 120 counties.