Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from Mortons Gap.

Project Talent catches up with the Corbin Senior High classes of 1960-63.

The travel-insurance provider for a WKU professor injured in Vietnam appears to have buckled from media pressure.

Kentucky dry cleaners, freelance writers and other service providers are trying at midyear to figure out how the state's new new sales-tax code applies to their businesses, and, at the moment I type this entry, TaxAnswers.Ky.gov is timing out to an error message.

Rest in peace, Lucille Trumbo Applegate, Tollesboro-born/Foxport-based widow of "Buster," appreciative grandmother and lover of vegetable farming, traveling, crocheting, rooting for UK basketball and "playing a good game of Rummy."


  1. I totally missed the new tax talk. I thought you guys had a tax cut governor there in KY and were run by the anti-tax Republicans. I'm very confused. At least they passed a tax that will primarily hurt small businesses and lower income people.

  2. The link about the travel insurance isn't working.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I believe it has been repaired.