Friday, June 22, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

Joseph Gerth in The Courier-Journal has an interesting column on Kentucky's 2020 vice-presidential candidate from New Hampshire and tariffs.

Kentucky's cut of the proposed $716 billion National Defense Authorization Act is more than $150 million.

"There comes a point in time where you have to answer."

Unemployment is down most everywhere in Kentucky--lowest in Woodford and highest in Magoffin.

Good jobs news from Bowling GreenCovington, Russellville and Wilder.

New shoes and new owners for Madisonville's Melody Lanes--most everything else, though, is about the same, reports Laura Harvey in The Messenger.

Weird and sad story developing out of Lawrenceburg: Anderson County High's baseball and football field houses were ransacked last month, and, this week, two recent grads who starred for the baseball, football and basketball teams were among those charged, per The Anderson News


  1. I'll have to check in on the ferry boat issue. This comes up every few years it seems.

    1. The new #ohky has an update for you from The Crittenden Press.