Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

It's news that "Kentucky's two U.S. Senators speak out against separating immigrant children from parents."

"11 states are pulling National Guard troops from the US-Mexico border in a growing protest over Trump's family-separation policy." Kentucky is not one of them.

"Yes, the optics are bad that we're standing there like the black-booted thugs. But we're not. We're just trying to enforce the rules at the Capitol."

"We don't necessarily believe in a heavy hand in trying to reduce crime. That's not how this department works."

"Records, research and interviews with stakeholders in the juvenile justice system show that racial disparity occurs at nearly every decision point in Kentucky’s juvenile justice system. As juvenile detention center populations dwindle and fewer minor offenders are locked up, whites feel the benefit most. Youth lockups are becoming more black and brown." The (indispensable) Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting rolls out its newest series.

That bank robbery in Lewisport is no joking matter ... well, it shouldn't be, anyway.

Newport's "whiskey campus" is coming along, despite Mexican and EU tariffs on bourbon.

They opened a support center for veterans in Glasgow Tuesday, and Melinda J. Overstreet reports in the  Daily Times that nine sought help the very first morning.

Democrats are no longer a majority of Kentucky's registered voters.

I stand with Stansdawg.

EKU is apparently going to still have a marching band, after all.

Rest in peace, Georgetta Earlena Harris-Holloway, Ohio-born First Lady of Second Baptist Church in Fairfield. "She loved the Buckeyes, but she loved Jesus more."

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