Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oh, Kentucky


The privatization of education in Kentucky moves forward.

A year after its student government association passed a resolution supporting resolutions for black students, Western Kentucky University's students elected a president/executive vice president/administrative vice president ticket, whose campaign promoted itself with a chalk drawing featuring a cartoon character popular among the "alt-right" racists. The College Heights Herald has been on the story.

Spring QuiltWeek is here, and, this year, so, for the first time in Paducah, is the Lyft on-demand-transportation service.

The decision to sell Wildcat Hollow, a Boy Scout camp in Russellville, has its detractors.


  1. The WKU result should not be surprising. While many students on campus don't even know this stuff is going on, those who would take an interest in it and focus on it as an attack on them are also those that would make sure they voted.