Friday, January 26, 2018

2017 Best Of Mix

At the end of each year I make myself a 20 song mix tape. Essentially it's my favorite songs of the year counting down from 20 to 1. Here is my mix for this year.

  1. Utopia by Austra
    • I find this song to be pretty.  
  2. No Distraction by Beck
    • This was one of my kids favorite dance tunes of the year.
  3. Shc by Foster the People
    • Best Smiths guitar rift since The Smiths were making music.  
  4. Where We Go by Pink
    • Pink still knows how to make a solid pop song.
  5. Ride or Die by Mabel
    • I like this song, that's it. 
  6. Cycle by Teen Daze
    • I was stuck on this song for a few weeks at one point this year.
  7. Better With You by Austin Mahone
    • This was a big hit with my youngest for a time this year.  
  8. Where Do We Go From Here?  by Ruelle
    • Until I sat down to make this list, I'm not sure I realized how much I liked this song.
  9. The Wake of Your Life by Mew
    • About as good of an alternative pop tune as I've heard in 20 years.
  10. Talk to Me by Run the Jewels
    • No song better defined the anger of early 2017 more than this song for me.
  11. Inspired by Miley Cyrus
    • No song better defined the hope of late 2017 more than this song for me.
  12. O.I.L. by Kevin Ross
    • I really liked this Kevin Ross album.  Had this album on repeat for about a month at one point this year.
  13. Lost in California by Little Big Town
    • Maybe the prettiest song of the year.  
  14. Zizzing by Ani Difranco
    • She always gets me with at least one song.  Just love this one. 
  15. Malibu by Miley Cyrus
    • This is a great pop song.  Good lyrics, great melody.  Great vocal performance.
  16. The Apple by RaeLynn
    • This one got overplayed for me this year, but it's a great song. 
  17. Long Song Away by Kevin Ross
    • If the Kevin Ross album was on repeat for a while this year, this song was the main reason it was on repeat. 
  18. Sucker by Lilly Hiatt
    • I really liked the Lilly Hiatt album.  I love this song.  
  19. She's Not Him by Miley Cyrus
    • The third Miley Cyrus song in this list all in the top 10.  Sound like the album of the year?  A great love pop song. 
  20. Love Triangle by RaeLynn
    • By far the best pop song of the year that I heard.  Lyrically it's very smart and her vocal performance is spot on.  


  1. Love it that you always put in the playlist.

  2. I think I will now be stuck for a couple of weeks on "Cycle" by Teen Daze.

  3. Also enjoying Miley Cyrus's "Inspired" and "Malibu," as well as RaeLynn's "The Apple" and "Love Triangle." RaeLynn played in Madisonville last summer.