Friday, October 13, 2017

Album Review: Fifth Harmony by Fifth Harmony

This is a group I had never heard of. They formed in 2012 during the X-Factor. They had all auditioned independently but were talked into forming a group and after the season ended signed a record deal. They were very young at the time the oldest being 19, two of them being 15. They have come out with an album a year for the past three years all doing quite well. One of the members left the band after their 2016 release and so this album is their first with just four members.

So now the women range in age from 24 to 20 and as they have aged over the past five years so to have their fans and so from what I've been reading this is their most mature album. It's funny but when I listened to this, saw the video, and read their story I assumed they probably ranged in age from 29 to 25 not 24 to 20. Even going back and watching their old performance on X-Factor it's hard to believe they were that young.

The album is at its worst when they are being too mature, like on the song "He Like That" or "Sauced Up."  It just doesn't work.  The album is at its best when it feels more natural like on "Make You Mad" or "Deliver." The best thing about the album is that it is short and full of catchy songs. The worst part is that the songs sound like the same song over and over after a bit. This happens because they structure the songs to try and feature all four singers on each song, and there are really only a few ways you can do this.

Still all in all its not bad and if you are making a workout mix you could throw this whole album on there. Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 2 out of 5 stars for Not Bad.


  1. I hear a fair amount of songs like this in my house these days.

    1. Yes, Kids Bop. I typically prefer the Kids Bop versions, in fact.