Saturday, September 16, 2017

Album Review: Rainbow by Kesha

When Kesha hit the scene back in 2010 I must admit I didn't care that much for her. In fact I was reading my review for her album Cannibal and here is what I said.
I really hated Animal which came out just a year ago. It was a very poor underground, dance record. It was overly vulgar with nothing interesting musically. But it was a big hit, so Ke$ha is back with a sequel.

In fact she's back with a much better album. It still isn't very good and lyrically it is still extremely juvenile, but she's toned down the vulgarity, remember this is relative.

Well Kesha is now Kesha not Ke$ha. She's also 30, not 23. She's been in the news for a big lawsuit she's involved in and so I came to this album wondering how this may have changed her and her music. It seems to not have changed her at all. Still way to vulgar for me lyrically and still too juvenile.

The album is too long at 14 tracks and too many tracks are devoted to her hatred of her ex-manager and her anger. Those tracks are also a bit depressing. She then turns country on some of the tracks which doesn't work that well either.

Kesha is a good pop singer and so when she's fully on pop mode she's good. Problem is she's just not there enough for me on this album.

Here is how I would break down this album to make it a 2 star album.

1. Woman
2. Learn to Let Go
3. Finding You
4. Rainbow
5. Hunt You Down
6. Boogie Feet
7. Boots
8. Spaceship

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 1 out of 5 stars for Just OK.