Friday, August 4, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Glenn's On Main is no more in Marion, which translates into more owner involvement in The 88 Dip.

Hoptown's new Blackpatch Steak and Seafood isn't normally open Sundays and Mondays, but the eclipse is another matter.

In Lexington starting in September: "an all-local food hall that will feature all-independent local restaurants and chefs who honor Kentucky traditions."

Speaking of the eclipse, TVA assures western Kentucky that its mix of power generation is diverse enough that its grid will have the resilience to ride out the interruption of solar input. (My favorite part of this story is the commenter named “Obam a” who weighs in, “Much ado about nothing just like the Y2K run up.”)

“I think having an author who has worked in such licenses universes as Star Trek and Supernatural is an interesting opportunity for local readers,” the organizer of the Providence Literary Festival tells The Journal-Enterprise. I think so, too.

Clark County's school-bus drivers are getting a raise!

Todd County is hiring for a part-time librarian ("Secretarial and Housekeeping skills will also be utilized").

You're invited to Logan County Public Library's 50th-anniversary celebration Sunday afternoon ("cake and punch will be provided").

Remembering "Clay's Darkest Day."

The "City Built on Coal" considers a casino.


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  2. I hear that he did good things for The 88 Dip. I used to know the story of how The 88 Dip got it's name but now I can't remember. I do know it has something to do with the Oldsmobile 88.

  3. That is fantastic about the connection between the car and the restaurant. I'm so glad you chimed in on that one because I, of course, always think of you in connection with The 88 Dip.

    And, by the way, I mistakenly deleted your comment with the link to the USA Today story about the coaching controversy with the the Bowling Green High School girls' basketball team. I was trying to click to it from Blogger's "published comments" dashboard, and I deleted it instead. I think this was the link that you posted. And here's a followup from Jason Frakes in The Courier-Journal.