Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Kentucky for sale:

Kelly Craft--daughter of a Glasgow veterinarian and ardent Democrats, Republican-fundraising wife of an Oklahoma coal boss, chair of Gov. Bevin’s inaugural committee, co-founder of donor to UK's Joe Craft Center basketball practice facility, bridge builder according to close-friend Coach Cal, etc.—is President Trump’s choice for ambassador to Canada. (I love Canada. Matthew, some episode of "N-th Podcast," let's talk about our big trip to Canada.)

Lexington's Kentucky Coal Association, formed in 1942 “to promote the best interest of the coal mining industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and all those engaged therein,” thanks President Trump in The Hazard Herald.

Great report, WFPL's Lisa Gillespie: "As fast as she was deteriorating, I needed to be there for her. Something this little can really deprive me of the last times I’ll have with my mother. That hit me over and over." 

"Thank you. Thank you for being men and women who work, and I mean that sincerely. There’s too many of your fellow Kentuckians who are as able-bodied as you are who choose to try and work the system. You’re paying their freight and paying your own freight." OK, it turns out that Gov. Bevin went through Leitchfield on his way to western Kentucky on Wednesday, so that means he probably spliced together a Tour 14/8/16 combo. Ambitious plan, Governor.

Nice job, City of Paducah grant writer(s), who successfully appealed to the National Endowment for the Arts and won a $75,000 grant for Market House Theatre. The money will help pay for the "Next Stage Campaign," which is intended to double capacity of Studio Theatre and set up more classrooms, rehearsal spaces and a facility for building sets. 

Hoptown opens another viewing spot for the eclipse hoard.

Bad jobs news (maybe) from Madisonville.

More upheaval for Lexmark.

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