Friday, May 5, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Nicole Ares delivers a tremendous, chilling and damning piece of reporting and writing in the United States’ best college newspaper: "A review of more than 1,200 pages of records obtained through public records requests to seven Kentucky universities revealed 62 employees in violation of their universities’ sexual misconduct and discrimination policies since 2011. Fewer than half of the employees were terminated from their positions. Some resigned and moved on to other universities, which would be unlikely to know about the misconduct. Other employees received punishments ranging from warnings to sexual harassment training sessions and were allowed to remain in the classroom or on staff. These statistics do not include incidents at schools, such as WKU and Kentucky State University, that refused to release records related to sexual misconduct and discrimination altogether."

The Lake Cumberland Friends of the National Rifle Association this weekend is laying the love on youth-shooting programs in the area.

I may go try footgolf this weekend.

Oldham County's getting a drive-in theater and a breweryLouisville, a new grocery-delivery service; Maysville, a Rural King.

The Monticello Papa John's is no more.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Lexington is seeking donations of Kroger and Walmart gift cards, money for picture dictionaries and lawnmowers.