Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kentucky High-school Boys' Basketball, 12 Teams Left

Twelve teams remain in play for the 100th Kentucky High School Athletic Association boys' basketball championship, with four more first-round games on tap today ...

Noon Eastern, Louisville Fern Creek Tigers (33-2) vs. Hopkinsville Tigers (28-6)

1:3o p.m., Louisville Ballard Bruins (28-6) vs. Taylor County Cardinals (20-14)

6:30 p.m., Elliott County Lions (26-3) vs. Shelbyville Martha Layne Collins Titans (23-12)

8 p.m., Union Cooper Jaguars (28-4) vs. Meade County Green Wave (13-21)


  1. 2:55 to play ... Fern Creek leads Hoptown, 68-56 ...

  2. Jason Frakes ‏@kyhighs
    If u don't think it's special to get to Sweet 16 for first time, u should see smiles on faces of Fern Creek people I've seen this morning.
    10:04 AM - 16 Mar 2017

  3. 71-62 after a Hoptown three-pointer ...

  4. But then a Creeker make, Hoptown miss, Creeker rebound, Creeker slam dunk, Hoptown miss and Creeker rebound, and WHOP says that should just about do it ...

  5. Eleven teams left: Louisville Fern Creek Tigers 81, Hopkinsville Tigers 64.

  6. Campbellsville's WCKQ 104.1 FM, "Hot Adult Contemporary," plays a commercial of a local pest-control place that borrows on Jay Z: "I got 99 problems, but a pest ain't one." It's pretty funny, but nobody's laughing back home in Campbellsville. At the half at Rupp, Taylor County trails Ballard, 44-17.

  7. Ten teams left: Louisville Ballard Bruins 69, Taylor County Cardinals 33.

    Jason Frakes‏ @kyhighs
    Fern Creek 3-0 vs. Ballard this season:
    Dec.20 (Fairdale, KOB 5th place): 87-82
    Jan.14 (Valley, LIT semis): 46-31
    Jan.25 (Fern Creek): 86-71
    3:06 PM - 16 Mar 2017

  8. Thursday's evening session:

    -- Shelbyville Martha Layne Collins Titans 65, Elliott County Lions 57 (overtime)
    -- Union Cooper Jaguars 54, Meade County Green Wave 39