Monday, February 27, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Live ... from Dawson Springs ... it's Tuesday night!

The CEO of Humana is reportedly on President Trump's schedule today.

The League of Women Voters plans to drop some charter-schools 411 on Hoptown next month.

"The fight, drive and determination that cleared the dense forests of this region and turned them into beautiful meadows where thoroughbreds graze, remains an integral part of our culture. The work ethic that ventured deep underground to provide coal that energized a nation, is woven into our people’s DNA."

Mining classes in Hazard.

Good jobs news from Hebron.

Managing the business boom at Paducah's old Coke plant.

In Catlettsburg, logos for a comic-book vigilante murderer have been removed from the (real-world) police cars.

In Franklin, First Baptist Church went back to the grind one week after people interrupted Sunday-morning worship with an angry demand for money.

Almost 400 farmers from 67 Kentucky counties took part in Farms to Food Banks last year, and calls are coming in for the 2017 season.