Thursday, November 3, 2016

NFL Poll: Week 9

The Patriots and Cowboys continue to lead the AP's NFL rankings, which are otherwise dominated by the old AFC West:

1.  New England Patriots:  7-1
2.  Dallas Cowboys:  6-1
3.  Denver Broncos:  6-2
4.  Kansas City Chiefs:  5-2
5.  Seattle Seahawks:  4-2-1
6.  Atlanta Falcons:  5-3
7.  Oakland Raiders:  6-2
8.  Minnesota Vikings:  5-2
9.  Green Bay Packers:  4-3
10.  Philadelphia Eagles:  4-3

Now that Tom Coughlin and Peyton Manning are out of the league, there may not be anyone left who can stop the Patriots.  But we have several more months before we'll know for sure.

The Redskins (4-3-1) tied the Bengals in London, and remained at 13 in the poll.  Based on the comments I heard from a Washington Post reporter on the Sports Junkies this week, they are blaming their problems on Kirk Cousins's inability to complete passes inside the Red Zone.  The Dolphins (3-4) were on a bye, and fell from 20 to 21.

Six teams on bye this week, including the Redskins and Patriots, so folks here can concentrate on the election.  This week's biggest game is a rematch of the 1977-78 A.F.C. title game, with the Denver Broncos traveling to Oakland to face the Raiders.  Of course, the 1977-78 game was in Denver, but you get the idea.  That will be your Sunday Night game, and I can't remember the last time the Sunday Night guys went to Oakland.