Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NFL Poll: Week 13

From a fan perspective, we could be headed for one of the most emotional NFL seasons since the Steelers and Cowboys met in Super Bowl XXX.  After years of playoffs featuring bland franchises like Seattle, Arizona, Baltimore, and Carolina, we could have an AFC Championship game between the Raiders and Patriots, and an NFC Championship Game between the Giants and Cowboys, followed by a Super Bowl featuring two of those four teams.  Those three games would drive the interest among neutral fans -- especially those in the 45 to 55 year old bracket -- to extraordinary levels.  Red America would pull for the Raiders and Cowboys; Blue America would pull for the Giants and Patriots -- it would be spectacular.

On the other hand, I've had one rule about the NFL since I was about 12 -- never count out the Broncos until they are actually beaten.  Those guys have taken the fun out of many, many seasons.

Anyway, for now the Cowboys remain on top:

1.  Dallas Cowboys:  10-1
2.  New England Patriots:  9-2
3.  Oakland Raiders:  9-2
4.  Kansas City Chiefs:  8-3
5.  Seattle Seahawks:  7-3-1
6.  Denver Broncos:  7-4
7.  New York Giants:  8-3
8.  Atlanta Falcons:  7-4
T9.  Washington Redskins:  6-4-1
T9.  Detroit Lions:  7-4

The Redskins fell from 8th to 9th after a close loss in Dallas on Thanksgiving; while the Dolphins (7-4) moved from 12th to 11th after they beat San Francisco for their fifth win in a row.

This week, the only game featuring two top-10 teams is a noon game on Sunday that has the Chiefs going to play the Falcons.  So you're pretty safe skipping this week, and saving your energy for the playoffs.

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