Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

"We have these powerful tools. Cameras and computers and broadcast licenses. And we can use them for a lot of meanness. To divide people and to make them feel like they were never made in the image of God. Or we can use them for healing, to pull people together, and to help give people faith in what they might find when they get around the bend."

There are conflicting reports on the future of Google Fiber in Louisville.

The Logan County jail is excited about its new website.

Tarter Gate had the need; the local independent Christian Church, and, so, Dunnville has a new daycare.

A U of L study projects population decline for 79 of Kentucky's 120 counties between now and 2040, and, yet, the state population is predicted to grow by 10 percent.

For some, the much-celebrated Battle of Leatherwood Reenactment is a year-around deal.

Traffic fatalities around the state are up.

The UPike Kentucky College of Optometry Class of 2020 is being educated.

The Kentucky Music Educators Association marching-band state semifinals and finals are this weekend.

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