Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

Workforce development. Not enough people to fill the jobs available, even high paying jobs … Jobs at the top of the list. WKCTC has a seat at the table now. Industries looking for particular skill set and the city's ability to address those needs … New perspectives from people "from the outside." And a culture of "no sacred cows" challenging the way things are done … Opportunities to address in the foreign trade zone and the educational process … Jobs and skill set development. Also, having an inclusive government "who listens and understands the needs of the city” … Underlying problem is a loss of trust between citizens and city hall. People feel like they aren't being listened to … Develop the city as the place "people want to live, people want to work, people want to play” … Having a positive, can-do attitude about what can be achieved. Celebrating the good things about Paducah … A solid "ten to twenty year plan" citizens can believe in and a vision for the future. … Candidates for Paducah mayor and city commissioner debate the town’s needs, courtesy of WKMS and The Paducah Sun.

"Sometimes you need to take a stand," the Kentucky Oaks Mall property manager tells West Kentucky Star.

I love this picture from the 39th District high-school volleyball tournament in Augusta:

A Hazard family made plans six months ago to fly to Orlando and visit Walt Disney World. Some friends would fly and meet them there, as would some other relatives, driving from Kentucky. With Hurricane Matthew bearing down, The Hazard Herald reports, the family "decided to go for it anyway" and "tackled the storm with true Perry County toughness."

Evarts is in a drought.

Last deer season, you had a 1 in 103 chance of your vehicle hitting a deer if you were a motorist in Kentucky, per State Farm, per The Richmond Register.

Could London cash in on the "travel ball" boom?

Kentucky for sale:

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