Thursday, October 20, 2016

NFL Poll: Week 7

It's a good week for NFL fans who remember the early 1970's, with the Vikings, Cowboys, Chiefs, Steelers, and Redskins all in the top 10.  Of course, the Pats, Seahawks, and Broncos are all in there as well, just to remind us that we're actually in the mid-2010's:

1.  Minnesota Vikings:  5-0
2.  New England Patriots:  5-1
3.  Seattle Seahawks:  4-1
4.  Dallas Cowboys:  5-1
5.  Atlanta Falcons:  4-2
6.  Denver Broncos:  4-2
7.  Buffalo Bills:  4-2
8.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  4-2
9.  Washington Redskins:  4-2
10.  Kansas City Chiefs:  3-2

The Skins jumped from 14th to 9th after their fourth win in a row, a 27-20 home victory over the Eagles.  The Dolphins (2-4) went from 29th to 25th with a 30-15 win over Pittsburgh.

This week's big game is an AFC perennial -- the Patriots against the Steelers.  This year's fixture takes place on Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh.  That's the only game featuring two top-10 teams this week, so you can take the rest of the weekend off.


  1. I imagine Pittsburgh will be blown out. Not only are the Steelers going to be without their star quarterback, the New England Patriots are cheaters.

    1. In that case, you should feel free to skip the NFL altogether this weekend.