Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NFL Poll: Week 6

The Broncos were beaten by the Falcons -- in Denver -- so the Vikings are now the only undefeated team left in the NFL.  That puts them on top of the AP's poll:

1.  Minnesota Vikings:  5-0
2.  New England Patriots:  4-1
3.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  4-1
4.  Seattle Seahawks:  3-1
5.  Denver Broncos:  4-1
6.  Green Bay Packers:  3-1
7.  Atlanta Falcons:  4-1
8.  Philadelphia Eagles:  3-1
9.  Dallas Cowboys:  4-1
10.  Oakland Raiders:  4-1

The Redskins (3-2) moved from 19th to 14th with their win in Baltimore; the Dolphins (1-4) fell from 26th to 29th after their loss to Tennessee.

Naturally, since the Vikings are now the number one team in the league, it is time for them to have a bye week.  The Game of the Week features the number-4 Seahawks hosting the number-7 Falcons in a Sunday afternoon game.  But most of the country will get the number-6 Packers hosting the number-9 Cowboys at the same time.  Those are the two top-10 games this week.  For its Sunday night game, NBC went with the Colts (2-3) and Texans (3-2).  That strikes me as a mistake -- but to be honest, I would be watching the baseball playoffs anyway.

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  1. I've mentioned how much I enjoy Tony Kornheiser's podcast, and one of the things I like about it is that Luke Russert, who is frequently on the show, hates the Patriots.