Sunday, October 23, 2016

MLB Playoffs: Day 16

Well, the big showdown in Chicago turned out to be a big nothing.  An exhausted Clayton Kershaw was no match for the Cubs, who jumped out to an early 3-0 lead and never looked back.  The rest of the Dodgers left their scrappiness in L.A., getting only 2 hits and looking much more like the typical soft Dodger team than the scrappers who had fought to get a 2-1 lead just a few games ago.  So the Dodgers lose the N.L.C.S. for the fourth time in the last nine seasons -- they are 6-16 in those four series, and that pretty much sums up the last year of Dodger baseball.

As for the Cubs, they have finally broken their long streak of not reaching the World Series.  G.M. Theo Epstein has shown Cub fans, just as he showed Red Sox, that breaking curses isn't that hard if you have a really good team.

Chicago 5 - 0 Los Angeles

Chicago beat Los Angeles 4-2

Cleveland beat Toronto 4-1

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