Monday, October 17, 2016

2016: TUCFC Week 8

Week 7 was all about Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson.  All three seemed to be playing tough games and two were on the road.  I had assumed Clemson would roll on NC State because Clemson was at home.  I had assumed Ohio State was the most likely to get upset because they were on the road and Wisconsin had played Michigan so close.  I thought Tennessee would give Alabama a game because that game means so much to Tennessee fans. 

All I know is, if you are a Tennessee fan this whole season must now feel like a complete waste.  They didn't even give Alabama a game and that has to be terribly disappointing.  I know as a Kentucky fan when we've had good football seasons and then we'll go get embarrassed by Tennessee it makes the whole thing seem like a joke.  Still I had said it felt like one of the top three would lose and I came very close to sounding smart.  Clemson and Ohio State both needed overtime to win their games. 

Let's take a quick look at the undefeated teams left. 

Alabama (7-0):  If they beat Texas A&M this weekend not only will they be the new TUCFC holder, but they will also be expected to run the table until the SEC championship game.  But they still have to play LSU and Auburn.

Michigan (6-0):  Looking at Michigan's schedule they would seem to have clear sailing until they get to Ohio State in the last game of the year.  Iowa may prove to be their stumbling block as they have to go to Iowa who still sits at 22 according to the TUCFC Power Rating.

Clemson (7-0):  Clemson has looked shaky at times this year and they still have some tough games ahead against Florida State (21), Pittsburgh (39), and Wake Forest (48).  They are off this week but come back at Florida State.

Ohio State (6-0):  The Buckeyes have a tough road ahead.  At Penn State, then host an improving Northwestern (33) team and then Nebraska (11).  They close the season out with Michigan. 

Texas A&M (6-0):  Their entire season rests with this weekend's trip to Alabama.  Win that one and then we'll talk further. 

Washington (6-0):  Out here in the Northwest we all are hoping for Washington and Washington State to continue to win so that the Apple Cup will be a huge thing.  If Washington has any hope of making the playoff to represent the Pac 12 they need this as well.  

Western Michigan (7-0):  I just hope for once one of these small conference teams can actually finish the season undefeated.  It is so hard to do. 

Boise State (6-0):  Boise State does not have the same aura about them that they once held.  Still if they can finish the season undefeated they will have to be in the discussion of the playoff, especially now that their win over WSU is looking pretty good.  Looking at their schedule it is hard to imagine they will be able to go undefeated. 

Nebraska (6-0):  At 6-0 all that matters right now for Nebraska is to stay undefeated before meeting Ohio State.  If they win that one then we'll talk further.

Baylor (6-0):  The team no one is talking or wants to talk about.  They face West Virginia at the end of the season and until then they just need to keep winning and hope that West Virginia does as well. 

West Virginia (5-0):  Same as Baylor except people wouldn't mind talking about them. 

Games to Watch

Texas A&M (6-0) at Alabama (7-0)
The game of the week and the TUCFC matchup. 

Ohio State (6-0) at Penn State (4-2)
Everyone will be watching this one to see how Ohio State bounces back after such a close game in week 7. 

North Carolina State (4-2) at Louisville (5-1)
NC State now has a rep of being a tough team to beat so this could be an interesting game.  This is a tough road back to back though for NC State. 

TCU (4-2) at West Virginia (5-0)
TCU isn't quite the same team as the last couple of years, but this should prove to be a high scoring affair. 

Washington State (4-2) at Arizona State (5-2)
This is one that WSU really needs. 

Week 8 Power Ratings

4Ohio State6-094.563300.6250.0000.000395.188
5Texas A&M6-0149.031241.2630.0000.000390.294
7Western Michigan7-097.438268.3380.0000.000365.775
10Boise State6-094.500168.2750.0000.000262.775
12Washington State4-288.344170.1632.5006.000250.006
19South Florida6-167.500199.20010.43862.438193.825
20West Virginia5-055.719134.3130.0000.000190.031
21Florida State5-2119.594194.40020.313107.188186.494
25Louisiana State4-245.531138.2506.75023.500153.531


  1. For what it's worth, Week 7 for me was all about WKU over MTSU in overtime in Murfreesboro:

    Western Kentucky 3-17-7-3-7-7=44
    Middle Tennessee 3-17-0-10-7-6=43

    That is a game right there, boys.

    1. That was the game of the week for my dad as well. He's very happy to see WKU and MTSU going at each other again.

  2. From a Kentucky perspective, NCSU's missed chance against Clemson was huge. The Wolfpack had a 33-yard field goal with no time left to win the game -- and missed it. Clemson then promptly dispatched them in overtime. If NCSU had won that game, and Clemson had lost at Florida State, then Louisville could have won the ACC. As it is now, even if Clemson loses to FSU, they will still hold the tie-breaker over U of L.

  3. I feel really bad for Louisville. They are probably the best team in the ACC, but they had to play Clemson in Clemson, and that will probably keep them out of the ACC title game.