Friday, October 14, 2016

2016: TUCFC Week 7

I always really enjoyed the game in college sports where you say well this team beat this team, and so this team must be better than this team.  You know the game.  Anyhow in week five Air Force beat Navy.  In week six Wyoming beat Air Force and Navy beat Houston.  Therefore Wyoming must be better than Houston, right?   I just like the Wyoming logo and wanted to highlight it on the site.

The big game last week was the TUCFC game between Texas A&M and Tennessee where A&M managed to hold onto the title with a double overtime 45-38 win.  To me that overshadowed the Houston loss, in part because the chances of Houston making the playoff were almost impossible even if they went undefeated.

With Houston out of the picture and Tennessee losing we have fewer teams in the mix overall.  The big four right now are Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Michigan.  Louisville and Washington are probably tied at the 5th spot.  Until these teams lose these will be your top six teams for a while.  A&M has moved into the AP ahead of Louisville, but Louisville was off last week, and I think people mostly believe Louisville to be better than A&M.

This week we only have a few big time games and so it has the potential to be a very quiet week.

Games to Watch

Alabama (6-0) at Tennessee (5-1)
Nothing would make the Tennessee fans happier than knocking off Alabama.  They could beat Kentucky basketball in the NCAA championship game and I don't think it would mean as much to them as knocking off Alabama.  It has been 10 years since Tennessee beat Alabama.  That's a long time.  They have a chance here at home to knock off the number one team in the country and their hated rival in football.  Good stuff.

Ohio State (5-0) at Wisconsin (4-1)
At the beginning of the year no one was thinking about Wisconsin as a top ten school, but here they sit now at number 8 in the country according to AP.  The TUCFC Power Rating system has them at 20.  Indiana was able to hang in for a while against Ohio State last week and so I'm curious to see what Wisconsin can do.  They kept it very close against Michigan, it feels like one of these top three schools are going to loose this week and this could be the game.

North Carolina State (4-1) at Clemson (6-0)
Yes North Carolina State is 4-1, but it's not an impressive 4-1.  The TUCFC Power Rating has them at 39, so this should be an easy win for Clemson at home.

Week 7 Power Ratings
I decided to start listing the top 25.  Gives so much more information.  It is a very odd top 25 with Western Michigan, Houston, Boise State, Troy, South Florida, Toledo, Memphis, and Navy all making it.  That's eight out of 25 teams from non-power conferences.  This is an odd turn of events even for the TUCFC Power Rating system.  Even stranger is that Baylor is the only team from the Big 12.

3Texas A&M6-0109.781224.0130.0000.000333.794
6Ohio State5-049.281257.1250.0000.000306.406
8Western Michigan6-055.625196.6380.0000.000252.263
11Virginia Tech4-146.688183.4882.00024.500203.675
12Boise State5-054.844136.6880.0000.000191.531
15Washington State3-242.969132.7382.5006.000167.206
17Miami (Florida)4-135.375175.1508.37542.625159.525
21South Florida5-139.531162.9388.37561.625132.469
25Florida State4-263.656150.40010.62587.563115.869

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