Monday, September 12, 2016

TUCFC: 2016 Week 3

The early season in college football is always fun.  It's really hard to know which teams are really good, which conferences are really good and so the top ten will take some beatings etc.

However it should be said that since Nick Saban came back to Alabama.  Since Urban Meyer made his way to Ohio State there are some truths out there.  Now with Harbough in Michigan there is another.  Those three teams are good and I would not be surprised to see all three in the playoff this year.  

From this one could come to think that hiring a really good football coach in college is very important.  Well Louisville did just that a few years ago when they lost their really good coach to Texas.  Bobby Petrino is a proven good college football coach and I would not be surprised to see Louisville win the ACC and go to the college playoff.  To do so they would have to beat both Clemson and Florida State and that would pretty much ensure them a spot in the playoff assuming they were undefeated.  

That is also what makes week three in this college season so interesting.  Florida State travels to Louisville this weekend in what is I think the top match up of the week.  A win by Louisville this weekend and they are legitimately in the discussion for the playoff and I think would jump into the top 4.  

Games to Watch

Alabama (2-0) at Mississippi (1-1)
     Mississippi is a hot mess, but with their current regime they have proven to be problematic in the SEC.  This game will be their season if they win it and they know that.  This will be a tough test for Alabama. 

Florida State (2-0) at Louisville (2-0)
     This is a huge game for both teams.  A solid win for Florida State will secure their position in the top 4 assuming no more losses.  A win for Louisville will put them into that conversation.  

Ohio State (2-0) at Oklahoma (1-1)
     Since Oklahoma has already lost this really is their season.  A win here and they can get back into the playoff discussion.  A loss here and they are forgotten three weeks into the season.  

USC (1-1) at Stanford (1-0)
     Stanford is the one team at the beginning of the season that I believe has a real shot at the playoff.  But they have to dominate the Pac 12 and especially a team that was destroyed by Alabama.  

Oregon (2-0) at Nebraska (2-0)
     Every year I look at Nebraska and wonder if they will ever return to the glory they once had.  I'm curious to see how they do against Oregon. 

Idaho (1-1) at Washington State (0-2)
     There is a part of me that thinks if Idaho were to win this game then WSU would fire their coach on the spot.  One thing I find interesting is that in 2012 UK hired Mark Stoops brother of Bob Stoops and UI hired Paul Petrino brother of Bobby Petrino.  Both were born in 1967, Petrino on May 25th of 1967.  

Week 3 Power Rating

1Ohio State2-04.750117.1500.0000.000121.900
4Miami (Florida)2-03.00095.8000.0000.00098.800
8Texas A&M2-03.75078.6000.0000.00082.350
10Georgia Southern2-05.31370.1130.0000.00075.425


  1. I'd love it if Louisville went to the playoff. Also, I'm starting to root for Michigan, just because I listen to Rich Eisen's radio show a good bit and he's a huge Michigan guy.

    We were driving from Bardstown to Madisonville, and I got to hear a good long while of WKU's blowout loss at Alabama. I, of course, wish it had been closer. But hearing the Tops kick the field goal to tie the game at 3 in the first quarter was a fantastic moment.

  2. Well they played Alabama tighter than USC.

  3. When I was at WKU in the second half of the 1980s, I would've guessed it would've taken 30 years just for the Hilltoppers to become a competitive Division I-AA team. And I would've thought it just as likely than WKU would give up on interscholastic football altogether. It's amazing what has has happened with football there.