Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Highway 45 Trophy

So much to get to.  You will recall that last year we launched the Highway 45 Trophy, an annual award to the team that does the best in the annual football games between Tilghman, Mayfield, and McCracken County.  These are usually the best games of the year in the Jackson Purchase, so naturally they are played in the heat of August and early September.  Anyway, here's how it works -- the team with the best record in the three games between Tilghman, Mayfield, and McCracken County gets the Trophy.  If there's a tie, the previous year's winner retains the trophy.

Here were the results from prior years:

2013:  Mayfield (2-0)
2014:  McCracken Co. (2-0)
2015:  Tie (McCracken Co. retains trophy)

So here were this year's games (home teams listed first):

08/21/2016:  Paducah Tilghman 6 - 41 McCracken Co.
09/02/2016:  Mayfield 48 - 26 Paducah Tilghman
09/09/2016:  McCracken Co. 41 - 46 Mayfield
Highway 45 Trophy:  MAYFIELD

Mayfield actually led 39-14 -- after getting two safeties (!) -- and held on from there. Mayfield is so, so tough.

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