Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Album Review: Something About April II by Adrian Younge

So if you are a big fan of late 60's early 70's R&B from artists like Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, Sly & the Family Stone, Roberta Flack, etc. then you and Adrian Younge have something in common. He's a producer who has put out a series of albums where he gathers up talent and makes an album that is heavily influenced by these artists and others like them.

Something About April II is his latest and is a solid set of songs. The album tends toward the jazzier side of things but we get solid hooks and beats and very solid vocal performances from all who are involved. These are short, but complexly constructed songs and it all comes together quite well.

The album has a dark vibe to it. Would be perfect to throw on while commuting to work via trolley in Philadelphia for instance on a cool rainy fall day.

 I like this album but there isn't a song on here that really grabs me. It's fun as a piece of art and I enjoy it but I doubt I'll be coming back to this album. Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 2 out of 5 stars for Not Bad.