Sunday, July 10, 2016

U.S. Women's Open -- Day Three Wrap-Up

This has turned out to be a pretty interesting tournament.  In the first place, CordeValle Golf Course has an odd quality -- it gets tougher as the day goes on.  I suppose this has something to do with the wind, but I'm not sure exactly what causes it.  Anyway, it puts players trying to come from behind at an advantage.

In the second place, Lydia Ko -- the 19-year-old who is the best women's golfer in the world -- turns out to play a game that is quite similar to that of Jordan Spieth.  Like Spieth, she doesn't look all that dominant from tee to green.  But like Spieth, she can perform absolute magic on the putting surface.  She made some unbelievable putts on the back nine yesterday, and that's why she's now in the lead.  If she wins, it will be her first U.S. Women's Open title, and her second major of the year.  It will also be the first time since 2006 that the U.S. Women's Open was won by a golfer who didn't grow up in South Korea or the United States.  But it's a close tournament, with Eun-Hee Ji -- the 2009 U.S. Women's Open champ -- only one shot back.

Here's the leader board:

1.  L. Ko (NZL):  -7 (73+66+70=209)

T2.  E.H. Ji (KOR):  -6 (69+71+70=210)
T2.  S.H. Park (KOR):  -6 (70+66+74=210)

T4.  B. Lang:  -5 (68+75+68=211)
T4.  A. Yang (KOR):  -5 (67+71+73=211)

6.  A. Stanford:  -4 (71+70+71=212)

7.  D. Kang:  -3 (71+69+73=213)

T8.  A. Jutnugarn (THA):  -2 (70+75+69=214)
T8.  C. Kerr:  -2 (67+75+72=214)
T8.  M. Lee (KOR):  -2 (64+74+76=214)
T8.  S. Lewis:  -2 (71+74+69=214)
T8.  G. Lopez (MEX):  -2 (71+72+71=214)
T8.  H. Nomura (JPN):  -2 (70+69+75=214)
T8.  K. Tamulis:  -2 (71+72+71=214)

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