Thursday, June 23, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

1857 opens in Paducah.

"Be assured, MSU is not in crisis; however, ..."

Turning to sports, the Fifth Region #khsgbk and #khsbbk landscapes are shifting, and allegedly Mike Casey's jersey (from Shelbyville Jiffy softball, not UK) has turned up on (sublime) ebay.

Rest in peace, Elder DeMoss of Mortons Gap, two-time coon-hunting world champion, avid 'Cats fan, retired coal miner, Primitive Baptist minister of 42 years and husband to Mrs. Covington DeMoss for 71.


  1. So often we hear about the struggles of the big state schools like UK, UNC, WSU, etc. when it comes to state budget cuts, but the cuts are really killing the regional schools around the country. They've always worked at a disadvantage in the state system because the bigger schools get all the attention, but now I think many of these regional schools are realizing they have to rethink their setup. I'm wondering if something like the model in Virginia where the smaller regional schools cost more instead of less and so have a smaller population with higher academic standards isn't a more sustainable model over time.