Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More District Tournament Scores

1st District Semi-Final (at Hickman Co.):
Hickman Co. 51, Fulton Co. 42

2d District Semi-Final (at St. Mary):
McCracken Co. 60, St. Mary 33

4th District Semi-Final (at Calloway Co.):
Marshall Co. 56, Calloway Co. 44

6th District Semi-Final (at Union Co.):
Henderson Co. 63, Union Co. 39

7th District Semi-Finals (at Hopkins Co. Cent.):
Madisonville-N. Hopkins 85, Hopkins Co. Cent. 39
Caldwell Co. 78, Dawson Springs 60

8th District Semi-Finals (at Christian Co.):
(1) Christian Co. 82, Ft. Campbell 32
Hopkinsville 74, University Heights 57

All of the top-10 teams are still dancing, but some well-known schools were eliminated.  We bid farewell to Daviess Co., Lou. Fairdale, Cov. Holmes, Lex. Catholic, Pulaski Co., Harlan, Knott Co. Central, and Pike Co. Central. 


  1. No district tournament games in Western Kentucky last night. This makes me happy, because it means everyone could go to Wednesday night Bible services.