Thursday, October 1, 2015

This Week's Games

Here in Virginia, we are in for a rainy weekend.  But the Internet tells me that tomorrow night in Western Kentucky, it will be in the 50's with only a 10 percent chance of precipitation.  Sounds like a perfect night for football.

The big game in Kentucky this week is the annual Armageddon between Louisville St. Xavier and Louisville Trinity.  But I'm much more interested in what's going on down in our end of the Commonwealth.  Here are this week's games (home teams listed first).  Lots of district games:

Ballard Mem. (3-2) v. Webster Co. (1-4)
Calloway Co. (2-3) v. Hopkins Co. Cent. (2-4)
Crittenden Co. (4-2) v. Fulton City (1-5)
Hopkinsville (4-1) v. Madisonville-North Hopkins (1-5)
Marshall Co. (1-4) v. Graves Co. (3-3)
Mayfield (5-1) v. Murray (4-2)
McCracken Co. (5-1) v. Ohio Co. (4-2)
Owensboro (4-1) v. Christian Co. (5-1)
Paducah Tilghman (3-3) v. Trigg Co. (2-4)
Russellville (5-1) v. Fulton Co. (0-6)
Union Co. (4-1) v. Caldwell Co. (5-1)

This is one of those nights where it would be nice if Western Kentucky had its own version of ESPN, so that you could watch multiple games.  We have three very interesting match-ups this week:  Mayfield v. Murray in 2A, Union Co. v. Caldwell Co. in 3A, and Owensboro v. Christian Co. in 5A.  I don't ever go to War Memorial Stadium in Mayfield (I assume the Cardinals cannot be beaten there), and I don't think I'd want to drive all the way to Owensboro.  So I would probably go to Morganfield to watch Union County play Caldwell County.  By the way, Eric, here's how Google says that the Tigers should go to Union County High School:

1.  28 miles on KY-91 North.  Turn left on KY-395 North
2.  10.1 miles on KY-395 North.  Follow U.S. 60 East
3.  6.3 miles on U.S. 60 East

Enjoy the games, everyone.


  1. That's the correct route.

    The Hopkins County Central-at-Calloway game is for first place in the district; that game is at the top of the Madisonville Messenger sports front this morning. And North at Hoptown should tell us if the Maroons have anything at all this year--hasn't appeared so thus far.

  2. Here's Tom Rogers in today's WKDZ/WHVO E-dge: "The Trigg County Wildcats will now have to dig out of a hole if they have hopes to make the Class 3A football playoffs. The Wildcats lost their district opener last Friday, falling to Fort Campbell in a second half rain, 34-14. With five teams in the district this season, one team will not make the playoff field, which makes the trip to Paducah Tilghman tonight even bigger for Trigg County. The Blue Tornado will not be in the best of moods, as they also lost their district opener last week, falling to Caldwell County. Coverage of Trigg County at Paducah Tilghman will get started at 6:00 tonight with the Toyota of Hopkinsville 'Friday Night Blitz' on 106.5 WKDZ and"

  3. Also in today's WKDZ/WHVO E-dge: "Don't miss our regular weekly replay of an original American Top 40 program. This weekend we'll replay the original AT40 broadcast from October 6, 1979. Casey Still Counts 'em down, every Sunday afternoon at 1 on Oldies 96.5/100.9 WHVO!"

  4. Shocker ... Murray/Mayfield is getting chippy ...

  5. Cardinals rally from 7-0 down late in first half to win, 17-7.

  6. WYMC: "These are two good football teams. I can see why Murray is rated No. 5 or 6 in the state. Mayfield's No. 1 for a reason, too."

  7. Eric Chumbler ‏@EricChumbler
    (6-1, 2-0) McCracken-63
    (4-3, 0-2) Ohio Co-14
    FINAL. Mustangs have won 6 in a row and face Henderson County (3-4, 2-0) next week.
    9:29 PM - 2 Oct 2015