Tuesday, July 7, 2015

College Baseball Update

Congratulations to the University of Virginia Cavaliers, who entered the NCAA Baseball Tournament as a number-3 seed, and who ended up becoming the first ACC team to take the crown since 1954.  UVA lost the first game of the finals to Vanderbilt, but then held the Commodores to only 2 runs over the last 18 innings of the season:

06/22/15:  Virginia 1 - 5 Vanderbilt
06/23/15:  Virginia 3 - 0 Vanderbilt
06/24/15:  Virginia 4 - 2 Vanderbilt

So here's an odd result.  In 2014, Kentucky's basketball team reached the Final Four, where it beat Wisconsin.  This year, Kentucky's basketball team returned to the Final Four, where it lost to Wisconsin.  In 2015, Vandy's baseball team reached the Finals of the College World Series, where it beat UVA.  This year. Vandy's baseball team returned to the Finals, where it lost to UVA.  There weren't too many fans who went through this roller-coaster with both UK and Vandy, and we can only imagine how the ones who did must have felt -- it must have been so odd to have the same thing happen to both teams.

With the end of the College World Series, another season of college sports has come to a conclusion.  We congratulate Ohio State, who finally smashed Alabama in a Bowl Game and won the National Championship in football.  We congratulate Texas Christian, who holds the Unofficial College Football Championship.  We congratulate Murray State, where the men's basketball team went undefeated in OVC regular season play.  We congratulate Western Kentucky, which launched a new era as a member of Conference USA.  We congratulate Vanderbilt, which came oh, so, close to capturing a second consecutive baseball crown.  We congratulate Emma Talley (of Princeton), who won the NCAA Women's Golf Championship.  But most of all, we congratulate the University of Kentucky men's basketball team, which won the first 38 games of its season, and went to the Final Four for the fourth time in five years.  It was a thrilling year for college sports, and we will be ready for another one in just a few months.

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