Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where Are They Now? Beginning of Regular Season

Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)
32mpg, 33% fg, 36% 3pt, 6rpg, 7apg, 13ppg, 13.6 pie

Bledsoe was in the news a lot over the summer with his contract status.  He ended up signing with Phoenix for $70 million over five years.

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings)
31mpg, 47% fg, 11rpg, 2apg, 23ppg, 18.9 pie

Cousins got a lot of good publicity over the summer playing in the World Cup.  He's still with Sacramento and is under contract with them until 2018.

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)
37mpg, 46% fg, 13rpg, 2apg, 24ppg, 20.9 pie

Davis will be a restricted free agent in 2016.  Everyone is looking to him this year to have a breakout season.  The big question is whether or not he can help take the Pelicans into the playoffs in the tough Western Conference.

Archie Goodwin (Phoenix Suns)
10mpg, 25% fg, 1rpg, 3ppg, 3.8 pie

Goodwin on a guard heavy team is getting playing time which is a good thing, but I'm assuming he'll spend more time this season in the D-League.

Chuck Hayes (Toronto Raptors)
12mpg, 3rpg, 1apg, -17.8 pie

Terrence Jones (Houston Rockets)
29mpg, 52% fg, 43% 3pt, 8rpg, 2apg, 14ppg, 12.2 pie

It took Jones banging around the D-League a bit but last year he really came into his own and should be a solid player for the Rockets this season.  He'll be a restricted free agent in 2016 and has a chance this year to really build some interest.

Enes Kanter (Utah Jazz)
23mpg, 48% fg, 6rpg, 11ppg, 7.9 pie

Kanter is seen as a young up and coming big man, and this being his third year there is a lot of expectation for him to emerge as a star player.  He will be a restricted free agent at the end of this season and so there will be a lot of people watching to see just what he can do.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets)
24mpg, 69% fg, 8rpg, 1apg, 11ppg, 20.6 pie

Like Jones and Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist will be a restricted free agent in 2016. He has a solid reputation in the NBA as a solid defensive player, but he needs to step up his offense a bit this season. A lot of people have their eyes on Charlotte this year, so it's a good year for him to make a step up.

Brandon Knight (Milwaukee Bucks)
35mpg, 40% fg, 50% 3pt, 7rpg, 9apg, 20ppg, 20.7pie

Knight is on a bad team in the weaker conference.  He's in a tough spot, but he'll be a restricted free agent next season and so it will be curious to see what happens with him over the off season.

Jodie Meeks (Detroit Pistons)

Meeks was signed by Detroit in the offseason to help with their offense, but he's out for the first two months of the season with a fracture in his lower back.  Hopefully he'll be back soon.

Darius Miller (New Orleans Pelicans)
4mpg, 2apg, 40.0 pie

Love the PIE rating for Miller.  With Josh Harrellson out of the League along with Doron Lamb, Miller is still hanging in there.  

Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia 76ers)
31mpg, 44% fg, 7rpg, 3apg, 8ppg, 9.7pie

This being Noel's rookie season it is interesting to see him playing so many minutes right at the start.  Here's hoping he has a great season.

Patrick Patterson (Toronto Raptors)
21mpg, 28% fg, 4rpg, 2apg, 4ppg, 7.2 pie

Patterson seems to have found a place for himself in Toronto.  Hopefully he'll keep getting better and make a long career.

Tayshaun Prince (Memphis Grizzlies)
23mpg, 41% fg, 3rpg, 1apg, 7ppg, 8.0 pie

In his 13th season Prince is in the last year of his contract.  It would be expected that this will be his last season.

Julius Randle (Los Angeles Lakers)

Randle is out for the season with a broken leg in his first game.  We hope the best for Randle and that he'll come back healthy next season.

Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics)
34mpg, 38% fg, 9rpg, 12apg, 8ppg, 11.9 pie

There has been so much talk about Rondo.  He's an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season and everyone is curious to see what will happen with him.

John Wall (Washington Wizards)
37mpg, 46% fg, 27% 3pt, 5rpg, 11apg, 22ppg, 17.9 pie

There is a lot of expectations for the Wizards this year. It will be interesting to see how Wall performs.

James Young (Boston Celtics)
6mpg, 100%fg, 1rpg, 6ppg, 20.6 pie

We hope that Young can have a long and fruitful career in the NBA.


  1. This is very great. What is "pie" rating?

  2. That's good. I still think, as an outsider looking in, scoreboard plus/minus is the most clear indicator to me of who actually had the most impact on how a given game actually played out--and even accounts for stuff like how the coach is choosing to use the player, which is meaningful to me because I don't really care as much of how great of a basketball player Elvin Hayes is than I do how much he participated in the Bullets' winning or losing a particular game.

    That said, if I was an insider making decisions, for example, about whether to trade for Elvin Hayes, I need to know more about how much he could potentially turn the needle for my team if he wasn't getting only limited or garbage minutes because he and Dick Motta had a fight in the Bullets' practice yesterday. This PIE number looks like it would be good for that.

  3. Incidentally, Wall had 31 last night, and Washington won again. The Wizards are 4-1!

    And PPat started and had 14 (four of six 3s), and Toronto won again. The Raptors are 4-1!