Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Week's Games

There are only 48 teams still playing, so we will list all the games this week, instead of just the ones in Western Kentucky.  This is the last weekend we get games in our end of the Commonwealth, as the eastern teams get to host the semi-finals this year.  Home teams listed first:

Class 1A:
Mayfield (11-1) v. Russellville (9-3)
Beechwood (10-2) v. Frankfort (10-2)
Hazard (11-2) v. Williamsburg (12-0)
Raceland (10-2) v. Paintsville (10-2)

Class 2A:
Caldwell Co. (11-1) v. Murray (8-4)
Lou. Christian Academy (11-1) v. Lou. DeSales (11-1)
Newport (8-4) v. Newport Cent. Catholic (6-5)
Shelby Valley (10-2) v. Prestonsburg (10-2)

Class 3A:
S. Warren (12-0) v. Paducah Tilghman (7-5)
Corbin (11-1) v. Lou. Central (8-4)
Russell (10-2) v. Bourbon Co. (9-3)
Belfry (10-2) v. Lawrence Co. (9-3)

Class 4A:
Owensboro (10-2) v. Madisonville-N. Hopkins (10-2)
Lou. Fairdale (7-5) v. N. Oldham (9-2)
Lex. Catholic (9-3) v. Boyle Co. (11-1)
Ft. Thomas Highlands (10-2) v. Cov. Catholic (8-4)

Class 5A:
Bowling Green (11-1) v. Graves Co. (9-3)
Lou. Iroquois (11-1) v. John Hardin (6-6)
Anderson Co. (9-3) v. Cooper (8-4)
Southwestern (10-2) v. Pulaski Co. (10-2)

Amazingly, Trinity and St. X are still playing in Class 6A.  What a surprise.  It's almost as surprising as the news that Lexington Catholic is the last school from Fayette County still playing.

Class 6A:
Lou. St. Xavier (8-4) v. Lou. Trinity (7-5) (at Cardinal Stadium)
Cent. Hardin (12-0) v. Meade Co. (10-2)
Lou. Ballard (9-3) v. Lou. Butler (9-2)
Dixie Heights (11-1) v. Simon Kenton (11-1)

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