Monday, October 27, 2014

TUCFC: 2014 Week 9

West Virginia was able to defend the title this week beating Oklahoma State 34-10. Next week they host Texas Christian who beat Texas Tech 82-27 this past weekend. Texas Christian is also the highest ranked Big 12 team in the TUCFC Power Ratings at number 11.

The big story of the week was Mississippi falling to LSU 10-7. At a time when there is so much scoring in college football, LSU is the one team that will occasionally post a win like this against a high caliber opponent. The loss didn't hurt Mississippi too much in the TUCFC Power Ratings as you'll see. I have to admit to rooting for one of the Mississippi teams to win it all at this point. In my college football watching lifetime neither team as been at this level, and so it's exciting to see. 

OK let's talk TUCFC Power Ratings.  Currently the top four are all SEC West teams:  Mississippi State, Mississippi, Auburn, and Alabama.  Now in a year when there is going to be a four team tournament, obviously all four are not going to come out of the SEC West, and so it is going to be interesting to see who can come out of this group.  I'm assuming one of these teams will be in the playoff.  Of course I'm not alone in assuming that, everyone assumes that.  The big question is who are the other three teams.  Well according to the TUCFC power ratings the other three teams right now would be Oregon, Michigan State, and Florida State.  I actually think that would make for an interesting tournament and the big conference left out is the Big 12.  What's wrong with that picture is that if you look at the TUCFC Power Ratings and take the top four teams from each conference, the second strongest conference is the Big 12, the weakest is the ACC.  No one though is going to say that Florida State should be left out.  Anyhow it's fun to think about.  Of course what is really going to come out of all this is a cry for an 8 team tournament.  Eventually we'll get to my desired 32 team tournament. 

Games to Watch This Week

Florida State (7-0) at Louisville (6-2)
     If Louisville could take out Florida State I would be thoroughly delighted.  They are at home and it is a Thursday night game, so one can hope.

Auburn (6-1) at Mississippi (7-1)
     This will more than likely eliminate one of these teams from the playoff picture and so this is a huge game. 

Stanford (5-3) at Oregon (7-1)
     Hard to believe that Stanford will play spoiler this year for Oregon, but this will be a closely watched game.

TCU (6-1) at West Virginia (6-2)
     Playing for the TUCFC is always a big game, but this week it has national relevance.  If TCU wins out of the Big 12 they are in the picture for the 4 team playoff.  One more loss and they are done. 

Oklahoma State (5-3) at Kansas State (6-1)
     Kansas State is starting to get some real looks at the national level.  Like TCU they now have to just keep winning games. 

Arizona (6-1) at UCLA (6-2)
     Everyone is assuming that Oregon will win the Pac 12 title, but Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah are all still playing for the right to challenge them in the title game.  Though I think most of us are writing these teams off, much as the SEC East winner is being written off, these games are still important. 

Utah (6-1) at Arizona State (6-1)
     As stated above this game has big implications for the national scene.

TUCFC Power Rating

Rank Team Record WP WDiffP LP LDiffP Power
1 Mississippi State 7-0 293.594 405.438 0.000 0.000 699.031
2 Mississippi 7-1 262.938 397.913 4.000 26.250 630.600
3 Auburn 6-1 264.031 360.288 1.000 15.000 608.319
4 Alabama 7-1 215.969 369.338 4.125 19.125 562.056
5 Oregon 7-1 240.281 333.238 11.219 19.438 542.863
6 Louisiana State 7-2 217.031 364.488 3.500 46.500 531.519
7 Michigan State 7-1 189.063 352.963 5.750 27.063 509.213
8 Florida State 7-0 228.938 278.425 0.000 0.000 507.363
9 Marshall 8-0 150.438 342.513 0.000 0.000 492.950
10 Nebraska 7-1 193.188 308.388 4.188 16.875 480.513


  1. I agree with everything you have here. My only addition would be that I think Notre Dame, which only has one loss, is a strong threat to make the Final Four if they can win the rest of their games. But that's a big if.

    Actually, I have one more point. Georgia is going to win the SEC East. If the Bulldogs win the SEC title game, they may knock the SEC West winner out of the playoff.

  2. Yeah Notre Dame could definitely move up the list, right now I think they are clearly out. If the SEC East beast the SEC West team for the title, there is a chance that no SEC team would make the final four.

  3. I'm excited about the 32-team tournament.