Saturday, October 11, 2014

MLB Playoffs, Days 7-9

Because the Divisional Series wrapped up so quickly, we had no baseball on Wednesday or Thursday.  But last night, the Royals and the Orioles started the American League Championship Series at Camden Yards in Baltimore.  It was a typical October night in this part of the world -- cool and rainy.  But the Baltimoreans didn't mind, turning out in huge numbers to see their O's in the ALCS for the first time since 1997.

The Orioles hit 211 home runs in the regular season -- first in the American League.  The Royals hit only 95 -- last in the American League.  Kansas City led the league in stolen bases, while Baltimore was last in the league in that category.  So naturally the Royals went out and clubbed the only three homers of the game -- including two in the top of the 10th -- to grab an 8-6 win.  Since the Divisional Playoffs started, the Royals have won four games in a row, and three of those wins have come in extra innings.  Now the pressure is on Baltimore to even the series before the teams head to Missouri.

American League Championship Series:
Kansas City leads Baltimore 1-0

National League Championship Series:
St. Louis and San Francisco are tied 0-0

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  1. Now seven in a row for the Royals, counting the extra-innings wild-card win over Oakland and last night's 6-4 win in Baltimore.