Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last Week in Western Kentucky

Here are the scores from last week's games in Western Kentucky (home teams listed first).  We're still slogging through district play, so we have a lot of blowouts.  For the most part, the big divisions between football programs in Western Kentucky don't relate to the size of the school, but to the quality of the coaching staffs and the number of kids who go out for the team.  So a game between McCracken County and Mayfield, for example, is much more competitive than one between McCracken County and Daviess County.  Going from four classes to six just made this whole problem worse, because there are rarely more than six really good teams per class, and you won't often find two of those teams in the same district.

One of the few good district rivalries these days is the one between Murray and Caldwell County, and they had an excellent game:

Calloway Co. 7 - 49 Madisonville-N. Hopkins
Christian Co. 14 - 35 Graves Co.
Crittenden Co. 21 - 34 Ballard Mem.
Fort Campbell 42 - 14 Webster Co.
Marshall Co. 0 - 45 Henderson Co.
Mayfield 69 - 0 Fulton City
McCracken Co. 56 - 7 Daviess Co.
Murray 24 - 31 Caldwell Co.
Ohio Co. 14 - 50 Hopkinsville
Paducah Tilghman 45 - 0 Trigg Co.
Russellville 56 - 0 Fulton City

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  1. If they ever throw them all into one big pot for the state tournament and have stuff like regional conference champs and maybe an All-A Classic or whatever, I'd not object.