Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bulgaria Update

Ludogorets Razgrad became the first Bulgarian team in history to gain points in the Group Stages of the Champions' League when they beat Basel 1-0 at the Stadion Vasil Levski in Sofia, Bulgaria.  We are now halfway through the Group Stage, and Ludogorets is still very much in contention for a spot in the knockout rounds.  Here is what has happened so far in Group B (home teams listed first):

9/16:  Liverpool 2 - 1 Ludogorets
9/16:  Real Madrid 5 - 1 Basel

10/1:  Basel 1 - 0 Liverpool
10/1:  Ludogorets 1 - 2 Real Madrid

10/22:  Ludogorets 1 - 0 Basel
10/22:  Liverpool 0 - 3 Real Madrid

So far, Real Madrid has beaten the other three teams in the group, while each of those teams has gone 1-1 against the other two.  Since Ludogorets played Real Madrid much closer than Liverpool or Basel, the Bulgarian team is currently in second place in the standings:

1.  Real Madrid (ESP):  3-0-0 (9 points)
2.  Ludogorets (BUL):  1-2-0 (3 points) (goal differential of minus 1)
3.  Liverpool (ENG):  1-2-0 (3 points) (goal differential of minus 3)
4.  Basel (SUI):  1-2-0 (3 points) (goal differential of minus 4)

Remember, whichever team comes in second place will advance to the knockout rounds.  This would be an unbelievable, spectacular accomplishment if Ludogorets could pull it off.  Here are the remaining games in Group B:

11/4:  Basel v. Ludogorets
11/4:  Real Madrid v. Liverpool

11/26:  Ludogorets v. Liverpool
11/26:  Basel v. Real Madrid

12/9:  Liverpool v. Basel
12/9:  Real Madrid v. Ludogorets

Given how close it is, any of these games could be the decider.  But this has already been an extraordinary ride for the Bulgarian champions, and it still has about six weeks to go.

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