Monday, May 5, 2014

Pennant Fever

Big news over the weekend in England, where Manchester City went to Everton and pulled out a huge 3-2 victory that sunk Everton's chances of reaching next year's Champions' League.  More importantly, it means that City now controls its own destiny.  If the Sky Blues win their last two matches of the season, they will win the EPL for the second time in the last three years.  Meanwhile, Chelsea had a terrible week.  In the middle of the week, they were eliminated by Athletico Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions' League, and on Sunday they were held to a 0-0 draw (at home) by lowly Norwich, thus virtually eliminating any chance they have to win the league.

Here are the top three teams:

1.  Man City:  25-6-5 (80 points) (goal differential of 59)
2.  Liverpool:  25-6-5 (80) (50)
3.  Chelsea:  24-6-7 (79)

Here's what's left:

Today, Liverpool goes to Crystal Palace for a must-win game.  Palace will not be easy to beat; they have scrapped their way to 11th place in the standings.

On Wednesday, City will host Aston Villa, which currently lies in 14th place.

And then on Sunday, May 11, the title will be decided:  Liverpool will host 9th-place Newcastle Utd, while City will host 12th-place West Ham.  Those games will kick off at 9 A.M. Central Time.


  1. Latest odds on winning the title:

    Manchester City: 2 to 9
    Liverpool: 7 to 2
    Chelsea: 350 to 1

  2. With 33 minutes gone, Liverpool leads at Crystal Palace by the score of 1-0.

  3. Halftime:

    Crystal Palace 0 - 1 Liverpool

  4. 54 minutes gone and Liverpool has this game in hand:

    Crystal Palace 0 - 3 Liverpool

    Luis Suarez of Uruguay just scored his 31st goal of the season, which is an extraordinary number.

    I don't see how Liverpool can make up the goal differential with Man City, but they are giving it a try.

  5. Hold the phone! Liverpool kept pressing forward in an effort to grow their lead, and suddenly Palace has almost caught them!

    After 81 minutes:

    Crystal Palace 2 - 3 Liverpool

    Two minutes ago Liverpool still led 3-0.

  6. Oh, my! Liverpool have blown the game. Crystal Palace scores a third goal in the 88th minute -- Liverpool's defense was a huge mess -- and then hangs on for the draw:

    Crystal Palace 3 - 3 Liverpool

    It was the first time since the Premier League started in 1992 that Liverpool had blown a 3-0 lead.

    1. I'm sorry. It was only the SECOND time that Liverpool has blown a 3-0 lead in the Premiership.

  7. There were incredible scenes at Selhurst Park. The Palace fans were screaming, singing, and jumping. The Liverpool fans looked as devastated as any fans I've ever seen. Several of the Liverpool players were in tears.

  8. So here's what the standings look like now:

    1. Liverpool: 25-6-6 (81 points)
    2. Man City: 25-6-5 (80 points)
    3. Chelsea: 24-6-7 (79 points)

    City still have two games left, while Liverpool and Chelsea have only one each.

  9. With only three games left in the season, Liverpool appeared to have the championship in hand. But then they were beaten 2-0 at home by Chelsea, and they blew a 3-0 lead at Crystal Palace. Now they need something terrible to happen to City, or their chance at the title is gone.

  10. The British press will absolutely destroy the Liverpool manager for the fact that Liverpool kept trying to score after it had built a 3-0 lead. By the time they are finished, you would think that this manager deliberately went onto the pitch and started kicking in goals for Crystal Palace. But this is unfair. He's done an amazing job this year, and he's gotten Liverpool closer to the title than anyone expected. That's what should be remembered.

  11. Of course, Man City won the title two years ago, and fired their manager last year for coming in second.