Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Album Review: Blues Funeral by Mark Lanegan Band

Mark Lanegan has been putting out records in some form or another for about 30 years now and is extremely prolific. From 1986 to 1996 Screaming Trees put out 7 albums. From 1990 to 2013 he put out 12 albums of solo work. That's a part of 19 albums in 27 years and doesn't include time he spent with other bands. In other words Lanegan has been going pretty much non-stop for the past 30 years.

Truth is every time I run into something of Lanegan's it's good, and Blues Funeral is no different. It's also not the kind of thing that I ever find myself coming back to, but that's no knock on Lanegan, just not something that pulls me back time and again. Still if I were in the mood for some modern rock I could see myself reaching for this album. Lanegan is still carrying with him all of those rock influences he grew up with, but he's also working in the present time and so his music sounds grounded but modern, a good trick if you can do it.

As I said if you are looking for some modern rock put this album on and you'll be happy, especially if you are of the same age as Lanegan because you'll feel all the influences he brings with him.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 2 out of 5 stars for Not Bad.

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  1. Good for Mark Lanegan, and I concur this is ill-fitting for C'ingTH to.