Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SEC Update

Big week coming up in the SEC.  Florida goes to Tennessee tonight, and then visits Lexington on Saturday.  Here are the standings after 10 games:

10.  Florida:  10-0
15.  Kentucky:  8-2
71.  Mississippi:  7-3
22.  Tennessee:  6-4
61.  Louisiana St:  6-4
108.  Georgia:  6-4
97.  Vanderbilt:  5-5
46.  Missouri:  4-6
55.  Arkansas:  4-6
167.  Texas A & M:  4-6
103.  Alabama:  3-7
126.  Auburn:  3-7
213.  Mississippi St:  3-7
133.  S. Carolina:  1-9


  1. It is very rare that I root for the Tennessee Volunteers' basketball team, but it happens from time to time. Tonight, for example, Tennessee could have helped UK by beating the Florida Gators. As you might expect, however, UT has been utterly useless. They've gone 4-12 from three-point land, and 9-16 from the free throw line. (I can hardly imagine a game where UK goes to Knoxville and the Vols shoot only 16 free throws.) Meanwhile, Florida has gone 8-20 from three-point range, and they are up six with 1:22 left.

  2. Florida looks very good, by the way. They will be very difficult for UK on Saturday night.

    No one is taking Florida seriously, mainly because they play in the SEC. But they have a coach who has been to three final fours and won two national championships. And they have a team that has lost in the elite 8 THREE YEARS IN A ROW. These are determined, smart players -- much like the crew U of L had last year.

  3. Florida 67, Tennessee 58.

    In all seriousness, if you're a 47-year-old Tennessee fan, what are your great memories? You had a few good football teams in the 1990's (although you usually lost to Steve Spurrier), you had a great women's basketball program, and that's about it.