Saturday, February 15, 2014

American Athletic Conference Update

Usually we tease Louisville by printing the standings for the old Metro Seven.  But Louisville won the national championship last year, and I really like the American Athletic Conference.  If I were a Louisville fan, I would rather be in this Conference than the ACC.  But I'm not a Louisville fan, so I will have to enjoy the last few rivalry games between the ancient triangle of Louisville, Cincinnati, and Memphis.

23.  Cincinnati:  11-1
5.  Louisville:  9-2
20.  So. Methodist:  9-3
22.  Connecticut:  8-4
34.  Memphis:  8-4
163.  Houston:  4-7
176.  Rutgers:  4-8
190.  S. Florida:  3-9
173.  Temple:  1-10
179.  Cent. Florida:  1-10

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