Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pennant Fever

The English Premier League had its usual barrage of activity over the holidays, and three teams -- Arsenal, Manchester City, and Chelsea -- have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.  Meanwhile, it is very possible that Manchester United will not finish in the top four.  It's hard to imagine the Champions' League without Man Utd, but the Red Devils will have to play much better to avoid that fate:

1.  Arsenal:  14-3-3 (45 points)
2.  Man City:  14-4-2 (44 points)
3.  Chelsea:  13-3-4 (43 points)
4.  Liverpool:  12-5-3 (39 points)
5.  Everton:  10-2-8 (38 points)
6.  Spurs:  11-5-4 (37 points)
7.  Man Utd:  10-6-4 (34 points)
8.  Newcastle Utd:  10-7-3 (33 points)

Arsenal fans had another fun day today, as the Gunners beat Spurs 2-0 in the 3d round of the F.A. Cup.  Visions of a double (winning the League and Cup in the same season) will be floating in the heads of Nick Hornby and his fellow Arsenal supporters.

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