Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1968: Vince and Vietnam

Some real things are so unreal that they seem made up. Here's the front page of the Feb. 2, 1968, Milwaukee Sentinel--one of the most 1968 things you're ever going to see:


  1. Incidentally, in the indispensable When Pride Still Mattered (5 stars, highly recommended), David Maraniss writes of some day between Jan. 24 and Feb. 2, 1968: "... Lombardi came home from work and prepared to settle into his favorite brown chair. It was time for his late-afternoon off-season ritual: beer, cheddar cheese, slices of an apple and a half hour of belly laughs watching his favorite television show, McHale's Navy. But the comfortable old chair was gone, replaced by an unfamiliar new model. Marie! Well, she explained, he told her to find Susan decent furniture, so she gave the kids the family room set and bought several new pieces. The Old Man decided he could adjust. That was the least of the changes he faced."

  2. Beer, cheddar cheese and slices of an apple sound like pretty much the greatest late afternoon I can imagine. And I'd never watched a whole McHale's Navy, but Tim Conway makes it sound like a pretty fun thing to watch.

  3. Eric, if you ever find them, I would like to see the headlines from Kentucky when Pitino announced he was leaving UK for the Celtics.